GenYer Against Going to School and Getting a Good Job

February 10, 2010
This is an email I sent in response to  the following request:

Looking for Gen Yers that strongly disagree with the “work hard,
go to college and get a good job” mantra. Why do you disagree
with this? What personal experiences have taught you otherwise?
How did you learn this mantra and why don’t you follow it today.

My name is Jason Kirby and I am 21 year old senior at San Diego State University graduating in Entrepreneurial Management. I am against the whole idea of go to college, get good grades, and get a secure job with salary pay. My parents raised me in a way that was leading me down this very path and it was not until my second year of college that I realized I was going to end up just like my father. My father is a great person and has had great success in his career, but he is absolutely miserable at work. He has changed jobs 5 times in 6 years and every time I talk to him on the phone he is always complaining about his job and his boss.   Both my parents provided my brother and I, but at the cost of their own wellbeing. Some people spend up to 50% of their existence working and I am do not want to be miserable for half of my life (read my blog post “Love What You Do”). This is why I am against that whole mantra because it says nothing about doing what makes you happy and following your dreams.

I first realized this mantra after reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki when I was 19. It was in that book that I realized my father was Poor Dad and I was headed down the exact same path he was. It was from that point I took a long hard look at myself and decided that I want to work my hardest to avoid becoming depended on an employer and a salary. I started a photography business (I have a passion for photography) when I was 19 and have continue to grow the business. I intend to use the money I make from my business to fund my future travels in 2011 that will allow for me to avoid the corporate world and experience what this world has to offer. Now I am no hippy by any means, I fully intend to do big things in this world when it comes to business, but it will be on my own terms.

My biggest question from all of this is: How can someone in their 20’s truly know what they want to do with their life if they have been in school learning one train of thought their entire life?

Jason Kirby


Habits of Highly Successful Gen Yers

July 8, 2009

Today I read,

7 Habit of highly successfuly Gen Y entrepreneurs.

This is absolutely 100% correct. A great blog post establishing the normal habits of a young entrepreneur these days. Being a Gen Y entrepreneur I couldn’t agree more on these 7 habits. (Listed Below) The blog references Stephen Covey’s book and uses it as a guideline in the creation of the 7 Habit of highly successfuly Gen Y entrepreneurs. I have yet to read Stephen Covey’s book, 7 habits of highly successful people, but it is coming up soon on my “must read list.”

If you are a young entrepreneur or aspiring to become one, I highly recommend living and breathing these 7 habits. You will face a lot of resistance in the beginning adoption stage, but once you got the mindset down you will soon see doors open for you and the life you dreamed about will become a reality.

7 Habit of highly successfuly Gen Y entrepreneurs.

1) Terribly dislike working hard, they prefer working smart.

2) Love to connect! And they’ll rather do it socially than officially.

3) Won’t do ‘it’ just because ‘it’ is what everyone else is doing.

4) Are strongly motivated toward achievement.

5) Are money savvy.

6) Courage is their middle name.

7) Don’t know when enough is enough.

So keep working smart and stay on the path to success by following these 7 habits.

Jason Kirby

Intro Video to Artificial Turf Marketing

July 6, 2009

Marketing Artificial Turf – eBoost Consulting (Jason Kirby)

Just finished up creating this new video to be the introduction to The purpose of this video is to encourage artificial turf companies to navigate through the site more effectively. The video tells my visitors exactly what to expect from the website and then I added a call to action at the end to encourage they request a webinar with me.

In the video I used the website’s navigation as my main point of focus. I find this to be a useful and enaging technique that shows the visitors exactly what each link leads to and what they can expect to find on the site. I like using this kind of technique because it guides your visitors to follow a certain path on your site and increases your conversions by adding a call to action at the very end.

This is all apart of my marketing efforts to promote the Artificial Turf Marketing Program that I am in charge of at eBoost Consulting, a digital marketing consultancy.

Please let me know your thoughts on using this interactive technique in your videos.

Jason Kirby

Video Production Credits to San Diego Headshots & Event Photography | The Right Light Photography

Self Branding is the Way to Go

June 29, 2009

Today, wrote an article on my website and my personal efforts at self branding. I want to thank Trace Cohen for taking the time to write the piece and doing a wonderful job on it. I hope it encourages other young professionals and college students to get their name out there and truly work on getting that competitive edge in this current job market.

Students and other young people looking for a job or looking to network really need to understand the importance of having a positive and proactive presence online and what it can do for them. It gives you the power to share much more than your resume with potential employers. Being proactive online shows your employers that you have passion and the drive to be your best, that is going to say a lot more than a cover letter and resume.

If you are interested in starting the process of self branding but do not know where to get started or don’t know how to make a website, shoot me an email at and title the subject line: “I want to brand myself” and I will help you get started. Believe it is a lot easier than you would expect, the only hard part is getting started having some kind of strategy and that is what I can help you with.

Please read the article, Manage Online Reputation – Student branding: Jason Kirby by Trace Cohen so you can get another prospective on the important of creating and managing an online presence that goes beyond your Facebook profile.

Jason Kirby

First Day of Cold Calling

June 8, 2009

First Day of Cold Calling

No one enjoys cold calling. It is difficult to call people and have them accept what you are offering when they have absolutely no idea who are. However, it is sometimes the only way to start getting any sales and therefore it needs to be done.

Today was my first day of cold calling for eBoost Consulting. I have been working the last month to prepare for this day. I have spent countless hours creating deliverables, proposals, presentations, and sales scripts. All this work was to set me up and give me the necessary ammo for today’s cold calling.

I was so nervous, it took me much longer than I expected to pick up the phone and actually start calling. But I sucked it up and did it. Out of the 10 calls I made I only got a hold of one decision maker. In that conversation I messed up big time and said something completely wrong and he called me out for it and hung up. Certainly not the best way to start my first conversation with a decision maker.

So I was a little hesitant to pick up the phone after that rejection and I had to take a little snack break to recuperate. Once I was ready to pick up the phone again I decided to call that guy back to apologize and correct what I said. Of course he screened the call this time, but I left a message correcting what I said and encouraged him to sign up for the webinar anyway. It is a longshot, but I had nothing to lose and for some reason I am no longer hesitant to pick up the phone now. I think making such a stupid mistake and later apologizing for my ignorance made me realize it ain’t going to get much worse than that. I can only improve and make my pitch even better from here on out.

I encourage anyone considering a job where you will be cold calling to accept it when you make mistakes and then apologize to the customer for your mistakes and let them know it won’t happen again. Odds are you already lost their attention, but you have nothing to lose by calling them back so you might as well do it and see where it goes.

So today I am 0 for 10, but tomorrow is a new day and here at eBoost we are all about creating your own tomorrow and that is what today was for, working towards creating my own tomorrow.

Please leave a comment about your worst cold calling experience and how you over came it.

-Jason Kirby

Unexpected Wisdom

May 10, 2009

Unexpected Wisdom

His name is Girard, a man that has taught me more in just a few hours of knowing him than anyone else I have ever met. He came dressed in old raggedy jeans, and what looked like a twenty year old beanie with a matching sweater. His hands were like worn leather that have seen years of hard labor. He had the face of a child with clear complexion and a cheerful smile. You can find him in any library with an old cane and over sized backpack diving into his research. His name is Girard, a great man with a desire to share his wealth of knowledge with others who are willing to listen.

This is a story a selfless man who has found pure internal bliss and wants to take what he knows and give it to the world for no personal gain. He does only for the enjoyment of others benefiting because of him sharing his wisdom. He is a man of simple pleasures. I asked him what does he look forward to everyday and he responds with a chuckle and a smile, “Waking up in the morning, seeing the green and not the roots.” He is just happy to be alive and enjoying what life brings him everyday. “I can’t complain about being alive.” Girard really makes you reconsider all of your meaningless worries and concerns in your life and makes you focus on what really matters; live, laugh, and love.

I met Girard in an unexpected way, and to my surprise I did not go somewhere else when he approached me. It was late one Sunday night and it was time for me to begin on my memoir paper that I have not put any thought into and the rough draft was due in the morning, or so I thought. Before I began to start slaving away on my paper in the library one floor below the Reserve Book Room at 8:00pm, a man to whom I thought was just a homeless man checking his email started to talk to me. At first judgment I said to myself I should probably ignore him and concentrate on my paper and get it done. However, I noticed he had a soft inviting tone from the words he spoke and I decided to answer his question he asked me. I look back now and do not remember what he asked me, all I know is that it grabbed my interest. The next thing I know I have been talking to him for two hours and it is time for him to leave and catch the last bus leaving State. During our conversation he gave me over a half a dozen book recommendations, over a dozen different motivational acronyms, and six pages of scrambled notes. After he left and we exchanged contact information I was completely in a state of shock of what just happened. He had asked me so many philosophical questions that really make you sit and think about what you are doing with your life. Girard asked, “Do you believe in F.E.A.R.?” He told me that F.E.A.R. is what keeps us from success and described F.E.A.R. as “Forever Evading All Responsibility” and this did not make sense to me at first. However, I thought about it later and saw how it applies to me and how each person must interpret their own way and apply it to their own life.

He descibes himself as a researcher, a student, a networker, and a human being, He makes things seems so simple, which from his perspective are true, but from a college student with a full load, two jobs, and other extra curricular activities, life does not seem as simple as one may wish it to be.

A couple of weeks after our first meeting, we met up again and we got to know each others’ background a little more. After giving him a brief interview, I was able to understand why his life is so simple and enjoyable. He wakes up at 5:30 am every morning and begins his physical and deep breathing exercises to get the blood flowing and open up his lungs. He then either goes to class at City College where he is studying Chicano Agriculture and History, or he goes to SDSU or UCSD and spends a majority of his time in the library doing hours of research. “The library is the center of knowledge and should be used for its purpose to expand the mind.” He then goes home. He sold his car long ago and strictly depends on public transportation to get him from place to place. If that is not the definition of a simple life then I do not know what is.

I asked him how he was able to live such a simple lifestyle and a little about his history and how he ended up being who he is today. He told me that he is born San Diegan and a San Diegan at heart. Although he lived in Germany and traveled Europe in his younger years, he came back to what he calls “paradise.” He is currently unemployed and lives off his early retirement pension he received ten years ago when he left AT&T as a linesmen. He has no family, to my knowledge, and lives in his home by himself in Talmadge which is near City Heights. He grows some of his own food, being that he is an agriculturist and by the look of his hands I would not doubt it for a second. He lives by the bear minimum and only gets things he needs and is not tempted by simple greedy or unnecessary pleasures. Rather than asking himself what he wants or desires he asks, “what do I need to do to be of service?” A true noble man at heart that lives only to help others.

Not only does he motivate me to live a more fulfilling life, but he has also excited me with his research. He has been spending a majority of his free time researching further into what I like to call “The Perfect Plant” also known as Amaranth. The research he has shared with me has caused me to want to grow my own Amaranth plants to eat and use for its many benefits. He describes the plant and its uses with so much passion and enthusiasm it is nearly impossible for me not to get excited about it as well. For an older gentlemen, he looks extraordinarily healthy and has lots of energy. He claims a lot if comes from consuming parts of this plant and using it for its myriad of uses. Although the plant is not the sole reason to his healthy skin and his energetic attitude towards life, but it certainly is a factor that he owes a lot of credit to.

I chose to interview and write about Girard because I found the situation in which we met so interesting and unique. It is not everyday you run across someone as wise and passionate like Girard. I wanted to learn more about him and his way of life so I could see what I could learn about my own life. The amount of enthusiasm and energy he has has inspired me to keep a motivated and positive attitude towards life at all times. I look forward to my future encounters with Girard and continuing to learn from him and maybe be able to teach him a thing or two one day.

He taught me what it really means not to judge a book by its cover. If I had judged him, my topic for this paper probably would have not been very interesting.

The Benefits of Twitter

March 15, 2009

Have you heard of people using something called Twitter and how its popularity is skyrocketing? Well you better get on board before it is too late. Now you might be saying to yourself, what is Twitter and why do I need a Twitter account? Well I am going to answer that for you right here.

Twitter is an online social media platform. It allows users from all over the world to Tweet about anything they desire in a 140 characters or less. (Tweet is Twitter’s term for post). If you have a Facebook it similar to updating your status and sharing what you are currently up to with your friends. Now this might sound completely uninteresting to you because you might not care what other people are doing or others knowing what you are doing. However, there are so many other reasons for using Twitter. So many I will list them:

  1. Social Networking, you can amass a large group of followers and if you post relevant and beneficial content you could have people clicking any link or site you post.
  2. It is an extremely simple platform that is heavily regulated to prevent spammers.
  3. It takes just a few seconds to post any kind of content or post a link to share with you followers.
  4. You can have multiple accounts you use for many different reasons. One account could be to share funny content with friends and family. Another account could be for following industry professionals and reading up on the content they post that you find interesting.
  5. Millions of users now have a Twitter and a majority of these accounts are industry professionals with a plethora of knowledge and wisdom they share to people like you and me.
  6. The greatest part of Twitter is all of the content is mutually beneficial or only beneficial to the end user or the follower. Self promoters who do not share relevant and beneficial content are usually banned in a short period.
  7. Twitter is an amazing as a self promotion tool and it is easy to search for people you want to follow, who in turn will most likely follow you.
  8. It does not take a whole lot to write something in 140 characters or less
  9. Once you understand Twitter you can start sharing information they benefit others and your follows.
  10. Takes 1 minutes to be up and running.

Now you know the benefits, but you probably do not know any of the terminology. Here is Twitter terms defined:

  • Tweet – A tweet is just like a post. For example someone would say “I just tweeted about that video yesterday”
  • Follower – These are like your friends in a sense. So if you have a follower that means every time you post an update or tweet, only your followers will see it. So if you have no followers then no one will see what you post unless the click your profile.
  • Following – This just means you are now the follower of someone else. So every time someone you are following tweets about something you will see it pop up on your home page.
  • Updates – These are yours and other Twitters’ previous posts or tweets

To find out even more about twitter check out Drinking the Twitterade. It is a great blog that incorporates a video from the founder.

Now Go Out and Join Twitter and start having your Tweets heard around the world.

-Jason Kirby

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